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Our gummies contain a real mushroom extract. Our proprietary full spectrum blend of magical mushrooms, vitamins and minerals are infused into the gummies. The gummies create a great uplifting feeling. Each tube of gummies contains 8 pieces that have 0.5 grams per piece with a total of 4 grams per pouch.

The effects from our products are usually felt within 15-20 minutes. A macro dose, 1g dose (2 gummies) generally lasts about 3-4 hours and dissipates without any negative side effects.

Microdose to a heroic dose you can choose what's best for YOU! Our 4 gram pouches contain a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals that produce an uplifting effects.

Just take the number of gummies you'd like to try, or share with a friend. We encourage customers to start with a couple gummies (microdose) and then increase the dosage from there.

The gummies should be stored in a dry and cool place but DO NOT freeze, that will kill the living mushroom extract. Store in a dry, cool space is best to preserve the quality of the product.

Lift Off products DO NOT contain muscimol or amanita muscaria.

Certificate of Analysis and Quality Testing - Strawberry Kiwi

Certificate of Analysis and Quality Testing - Grape

Certificate of Analysis and Quality Testing - Sour Peach

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