Lift Off

Lift Off products offer various products with a proprietary mix of functional mushrooms. Our Lift Off drink mix is the markets first full spectrum water soluble mix of mushrooms, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes like potassium, magnesium and sodium chloride. Our drink mix provides our customers a clean and very uplifting experience. Most of our customers do not experience nausea or tightening in the jaw as we do not use pulverized biomass. The effects from our drink mix and gummies usually hit within 15-20 minutes. The effects from a full 3.5g dose usually last 3-4 hours and dissipate without any negative side effects.

All Lift Off products are 100% natural and produced with mushrooms grown, sourced and cultured in house within the United States. Nothing is synthesized in our entire production process. This is a key difference to the current market because the majority of the products on the market today use pulverized biomass or synthesize chemicals with other compounds, or a combination of both.

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