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Our powder infused drink mix contains a real mushroom extract. Our proprietary full spectrum blend of magical mushrooms, vitamins and minerals are infused in our drink mix. The drink mix creates an uplifting and happy feeling for our customers. Each tube is filled with 3.5grams of full spectrum mushroom extract.

The effects from our products are usually felt within 15-20 minutes. A macro dose, 1g dose (a quarter of a tube) generally lasts about 3-4 hours and dissipates without any negative side effects.

Microdose to a heroic dose you can choose what's best for YOU! Our 3.5g tubes contain a proprietary blend of vitamins and minerals that produce an uplifting high.

Just pour out the powder and measure the amount you'd like to try, or split a tube with a friend, you can also just eat it like candy. We encourage customers to start with a quarter tube (microdose) and then increase from there as desired.

The powder is very water soluble so you should keep away from moisture until you want to use the product. Store in a dry, cool space. Once mixed into water or juice you should consume immediately.

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