Sample Box

$55.95 $36.95

Variety pack of seven amazing vape juices. That's 210 ml of juice in 7 amazing flavors ranging from fruit to dessert flavors of ejuice. The sample box contains a 30 ml bottle of Cali Milk, Crazy Toucan, Brain Freeze, Cinnaswirl, TropiCali, Cali Girls and Pearadise. Buy a box today to find your next favorite vape flavor

Flavor Profiles: Cali Milk (Strawberries & Custard), Crazy Toucan (Fruit Cereal and Milk), Brain Freeze (Frozen Ice Pop), Cinnaswirl (Cinnamon Roll with Icing), TropiCali (Tropical Fruit Blend), Cali Girls (Watermelon Hard Candy) and Pearadise (Tropical Fruit with Pear).

It's a great starter pack or a perfect gift for that vape enthusiast.

FDA Registered Lab
Our e liquid is made in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California. The lab is registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer.

High Quality Nicotine
Not all nicotine is created equal. While many look to source the most readily available and inexpensive nicotine, we only use the purest available laboratory nicotine or l-nicotine. This is the most physiologically active type of nicotine. We routine test our e juice for dosing and potency.

See Nicotine Certificate

Child Proof Bottles 
All of our e-liquids are packaged in child-proof bottles with tamper evident breakaway seals. (Note: Keep away from children.)

See General Certificate of Conformity

Top Rated Glycerin
Glycerin can be produced from any number of agents, but ours is sourced strictly from soybean from the highest quality producers.

See Glycerin Report

Batch Code Numbers
All of our products contain batch code numbers and use by dates on the bottle of the bottle so we can trace the origin of all of our products.

Formulas FDA Registered
All of our formulas are on file with the FDA and we comply with all local and national tobacco regulations.

Kosher Grade
Our e-liquid base consists of USP Grade Kosher ingredients.

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