Rewards Program

Join the Cali Steam rewards program and get rewards for enjoying your favorite e liquid. Share with your friends and earn even more points to save on your favorite all day vapes.

Just for joining the rewards program you'll receive 200 points. For every dollar that you spend with Cali Steam online you'll get 25 points. If you share Cali Steam on Facebook or Twitter you'll get 350 points. A follow on Instagram or Facebook will reward you with 350 points. It's so easy to get points you should join today.

And what can you do with your Cali Steam points, well you'll be able to trade in your points for real dollars off your next order. Trade in 1,250 points and get $5 dollars off your next order, 2,500 points and you can get $10 off your next order at Save up to 5,000 points and you'll get a coupon code for $20 off your next online order.

It's so easy to join our rewards program. Click the "Rewards Program" button on our homepage and sign up. Once you are signed up you'll start receiving points for everything you purchase and you'll start receiving points. Those points will immediately start to put more money back in your pocket. So why are your hesitating? Sign up today to earn Cali Steam points and get discounts on your favorite e juice.

Sweet Candy Flavors

  • Cali Girls
    Cali Girls - Cali Steam Cali Girls - Cali Steam
  • Cali Pop (aka Razzle Pop)
    Cali Pop (aka Razzle Pop) - Cali Steam Cali Pop (aka Razzle Pop) - Cali Steam
  • Carnival
    Carnival - Cali Steam Carnival - Cali Steam

Treat Yourself Today

  • TropiCali
    TropiCali - Cali Steam TropiCali - Cali Steam
  • Toucan
    Toucan - Cali Steam Toucan - Cali Steam
  • Pearadise
    Pearadise - Cali Steam Pearadise - Cali Steam
  • Cinnaswirl
    Cinnaswirl - Cali Steam Cinnaswirl - Cali Steam
  • Cali Milk
    Cali Milk - Cali Steam Cali Milk - Cali Steam
  • Brain Freeze
    Brain Freeze - Cali Steam Brain Freeze - Cali Steam