Cali Steam's Top 3 Flavor Picks of 2018

Just a few short years ago, only a handful of e-juice manufacturers existed within the vaping industry. Choices were few and quality was mediocre at best. Today, a bounty of companies exit offering flavor profiles as diverse as the imagination. However, inasmuch as this newfound overabundance of selection is beneficial and enjoyable, it concurrently presents a major obstacle, which e-juices are the best? As any individual who has been vaping for any amount of time can confirm, purchasing low-quality and/or bad tasting e-juices is costly and a painful waste of money.

This is where Cali Steam comes in. We’ve spent years in the industry testing various flavors and developing our quality juices that are sourced solely within the United States. Through years of experience, our team has acquired the skills necessary to distinguish between amazing, good, standard, and downright awful. In order to help our valued customers, and indeed the vaping community as a whole, we compile a yearly list of our most popular flavors and select the top 3.

Here is a list of the best fruit-flavored e-juices of 2018:

Pearadise; a fruit flavored vape in the Cali Steam Collection.

Best Fruit E-Juice 2018, Pearadise is one of the most coveted and respected fruit flavors within the e-juice industry. Vapers from across the globe turn to Pearadise for the masterfully concocted fruit-flavored delight of pears and strawberry. When it comes to authenticity and accuracy, Pearadise is truly at the front of the pack within the fruit flavor profile.

Pearadise e-juice begins with the fresh iconic pear flavor. Exceptionally natural-tasting, this mouthwatering flavor is then complemented with refreshing strawberry with a hint of sweetness that adds a layer of freshness that is genuinely delicious. Due to the unsurpassed accuracy of fruit flavor, unparalleled quality, and impeccable balance, Pearadise goes in as the number 1 pick this year.

Pearadise E-liquid Specifications:

Primary Flavors: Fresh Pears and Juicy Strawberries

Size: 60ml or 120ml

Available Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Cali Girls; a hard candy watermelon vape in the Cali Steam X line.

Best Hard Candy E-Juice 2018, Cali Girls was a standout hit. As one of the most recognized flavor profiles of hard candy our uncompromised quality, consistency, and excellence shines bright in Cali Girls. Created by the same talented team of artisans and mixologists behind our other flavors Cali Girls has been a lasting hit. Our team was able to harness their skills to develop this collection of exceptional hard candy fruit-flavored e-liquids that raises the bar on hard candy flavors.

Cali Girls is testament to the genius of simplicity of hard candy and watermelon. Rather than throwing every fruit known to man into a punch bowl and hoping for the best, as many other companies do, we focused on single fruit and made it as authentic in taste as possible. Cali Girls offers a sweet, refreshing, mouthwatering flavor that’ll immediately be your next all day vape. That’s why this year it lands in the number 2 spot in our top three this year in our Best E-Juices of 2018.

Cali Girls E-liquid Specifications:

Primary Flavors: Hard Candy and Sweet Watermelon

Size: 60ml or 120ml

Available Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Toucan; a fruit cereal vape in the Cali Steam Collection.

Best Cereal E-Juice 2018, Toucan has been a favorite of ours from the beginning. A nationally acclaimed cereal vape Toucan has stood the test of time as an amazing fruit circle and milk cereal vape. Toucan has been one of our most popular flavors from the beginning and it continues to delight vapers as a true to taste cereal e-juice.

So, if you’re looking for a new breakfast vape you’ve got to try our 3rd pick this year of Toucan. It always rates at the top in cereal vape competitions because of its creamy blend of fruit circle cereal and milk.

Toucan E-liquid Specifications:

Primary Flavors: Cereal, Fruit Circle and Milk

Size: 60ml or 120ml

Available Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg