Affordable Bottles

Affordable Bottles is a separate business entity that works in partnership with Cali Steam LLC to provide affordable bottles for small businesses. They are able to leverage their business relationships to help small and new businesses enter into competitive markets of essential oils, hand sanitizer and vape juice industries.

We always strive to stay ahead of the needs of our customers. We saw the demand for 30 and 60 ML PET bottles for essential oils, eliquid, hand sanitizer and many of products. However, we realized these prices we're affordable for small business. So we found a quality supplier and got to work on designer a quality product that was affordable for ALL. We carry only a few SKUs to ensure our prices are the lowest on the market.

The CRC cap is only available in natural (white) and our bottles are clear. They are perfect for hand or machine labeling depending on the size of your business. We also don't require huge MOQ's (order just 12 bottles if you'd like). You'll be able to launch your bottling business in no time.

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