Brain Freeze | Bomb Pop E Juice by Cali Steam

Cali Steam

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Brain Freeze is the recreation of the most beloved bomb pop blend of cherry, lemon and blue raspberry. It’s a patriotic red, white and blue frozen treat that combines the flavors of sweet cherry, tart lemon and bold blue raspberry.

Flavor Profile: Frozen Ice Pop, Lemon, Lime, Fruit, Bomb Pop
VG/PG Ratio: 70VG / 30PG
Throat Hit: Low
Vapor Production: High

Contents: 3 x 10 ml (30 ml of e juice)

This bomb pop e juice is a blast from the past. It combines that sweet and refreshing flavors of red cherries, tart lemon and blue raspberries into the most refreshing vape. It’s as if you’re licking a bomb pop on that hot summer day.

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