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Why CBD Is So Effective In Treating Mental Health Disorders?

Cannabis legalization is slowly catching up in many parts of the world. The cannabinoids present in Cannabis make it a plant offering various health benefits to the body. Among the three major cannabinoids, CBD has gathered interest for its unique nature. The compound does not give a high, as is the case of THC, but has many medicinal applications. CBD has been effective in patients suffering from ailments, including chronic pain, insomnia, cholesterol. One such area that CBD can offer value is in the segment of mental health. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, are some of the many mental ailments. Most medications prescribed today come with risks of addiction. CBD is a natural way of treating such diseases without leaving many side effects. So, can CBD improve your mental health? Can CBD become the treatment that people have been waiting for?

What makes CBD special for your mental health?

Cannabis has a variety of biochemical compounds known as cannabidiol. These cannabidiols offer various health benefits along with psychoactive effects on the users in some cases. CBD is among the healthiest constituent of Cannabis. It is responsible for multiple health benefits derived from marijuana, such as helping treat pain, diabetes, improve heart health, and even act beneficial for treating epilepsy. Certain strains of the plant, such as Indica have a higher percentage of CBD, which can help treat mental health problems.

Cannabis users tend to enjoy an incredible high that helps them feel calm.  The substance called CBD, which is present in cannabis tends to creates a feeling of euphoria in an individual. It increases the secretion of dopamine or the happy chemicals in your body, thus making you feel light and relaxed. The most significant advantage of CBD over THC is that the compound does not create a high, which is beneficial for patients suffering from mental ailments. Recent times witnessed various studies aimed at understanding the effects of CBD as a treatment for mental illness such as anxiety, depression, and stress.

CBD and how it can help with your mental health?

  1. CBD can reduce stress levels: A stress-free lifestyle has become a distant dream in today's scenario. Everyday situations put a lot of pressure on psychological and physical health. But, CBD is a healthy and safe form of medication for treating these problems. CBD is capable of increasing the levels of happy hormones in the body. Hence, various benefits are possible without having any psychoactive effects. The research conducted at the University of Buffalo aimed to understand CBD's usage to treat chronic stress and its effectiveness. The research was among animal subjects. Chronic stress could lead to low levels of natural endocannabinoids in the body. This leads to depression-like symptoms in individuals. Using cannabis helped bring better balance to the system to make the subject feel relaxed and happy.
  1. CBD can reduce anxiety: Research in 2012 concluded that the use of CBD oil could help cope with social anxiety. Another study showed that CBD can be effective in reducing social anxiety more effectively than isoprene and diazepam, which are the common drugs suggested today. CBD helps users feel lightheaded and enhances anandamide secretion in the body. You can buy weed online that will help cope with difficult social situations. Various studies and clinical trials in recent times have also supported the use of CBD oil to cope with social anxiety.
  1. CBD can help combat sleep disorders: People suffering from sleep disorders turn to natural remedies to achieve good quality sleep. But CBD can have therapeutic benefits, that can help eliminate day-time sleepiness. This way, it helps achieve soothing and deep sleep during the night time. Common causes of sleep disorders include anxiety, stress, restlessness, depression, hormonal imbalance in the body. CBD helps cope with sleep disorders suggests a study. It helps the user feel calm and relaxed and glides them into a peaceful sleep. CBD is also useful for treating insomnia in old people. Older users often suffer from sleeplessness due to medications, as well as aging. Inhaling a small amount of CBD oil can be helpful before bedtime to relax your body and aid in good sleep.
  1. CBD oil can help with depression: Hormonal imbalance in the body could lead to mood disorders and fluctuations. The varying levels of hormones and various other factors lead to mental ailments such as clinical depression. Some symptoms of the condition include loss of appetite, mood swings, low energy levels, and suicidal tendencies. Mood stabilizers help patients suffering from such conditions. But these medications might have serious side effects and even lead to addiction. Small doses of CBD can help naturally enhance the mood. It can also help overcome PTSD as well and as general mood disorders. A study in 2009 supported this effect on users. Another study in 2016 concluded that CBD can be a novel antidepressant drug. By enhancing serotonergic and glutamate cortical signaling, which occurs through 5-HT1A receptors, CBD helps elevate mood and cope with symptoms of depression.

CBD can also be useful for treating ADHD, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. CBD use is beneficial in treating chronic pain cases such as for people suffering from multiple sclerosis as well as to cope with agitation caused during dementia. CBD is also beneficial for treating seizures and reducing the frequency of attacks.  These are a few conditions that did not respond to existing standard therapy but have shown a positive reaction to CBD.

The Final Word

The absence of conclusive evidence today to link  CBD usage to treat mental ailments has been holding this compound back. But research done so far points in an encouraging direction where CBD can make a significant difference in treating symptoms of mental health conditions. Patients from across the world share how cannabis helped them in their journey of healing. They share their stories of overcoming depression or other mental disorders using CBD based treatments. With the increasing availability of medical cannabis opening new opportunities, the compound will become a part of medication very soon.


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