Vaping Industry under Assault From Everywhere

Vaping Industry under Assault From Everywhere

Donald Trump’s recent White House Budget release for a Better America is more than just a political document. The Republican President targeting e-cigarettes is an interesting, yet ominous turn of events. People are getting worried about e-cigarettes being under assault from both the right and left. Because of the teen vaping epidemic, e-cigs have become an easy target for most politicians. They can make concerned parents get on their sides and offer comfort by assessing a tobacco user fee on e-cigs.

It’s important to note here that smokers and vapers are never heavily represented in middle and upper income brackets, while drinking rates are the highest among the educated, high-income adults. No wonder there is no call to ban alcohol (again), despite the fact that 13.5 percent of high school students binge drink versus the 2.4 percent who use electronic vaping products daily.

The tobacco user fee is currently collected on 5 classes of tobacco: cigarettes, roll-your-own tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, cigars, and pipe tobacco. The fees are paid by the manufacturer, but its cost is added to the overall price at which the product is sold to consumers. However, the section in the budget tiled, “Tackles the Epidemic of Youth E-Cigarette Use”, will add vapes to the list of the classes of tobacco to make sure that FDA has enough resources to be able to correctly address today’s alarming rise in youth e-cigarette usage. But that’s not even as alarming as the fact that the total tobacco user fee is proposed to increase by $100 million from its 2019 level of $712 million.

This is probably the harshest proposal of a prospective ban on e-cigarettes. In the past, there has only been a proposition for flavour ban in New York and e-cig prohibition in California.

Meanwhile, manufacturers are doing all they can go enhance the vaping experience, even for those who sometimes use this as a way to quit smoking. So if you think you quickly need a brain freeze e-liquid to smoke this news into thin air, you know whom to turn to!

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