Vaping and Marijuana Are More Popular Than Cigarettes Among Generation Y

Cigarette use has dropped so sharply among Americans that vaping and marijuana use are now more common than conventional cigarettes.

In contrast, rates of marijuana use have remained largely consistent, with occasional small shifts.

Doctors and government officials are "impressed by the improvement in substance use by all," said Dr. Wilson Compton, Deputy Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. He continued, "we don't yet know about the health problems in vaping."

Vaping devices are perceived by some experts as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes because they do not include carcinogens that come with burning tobacco. However, Dr. Compton said, "The concern is that it may represent a new route for exposure to nicotine and marijuana."

The tobacco decline has been attributed to many factors, including strong public health anti smoking campaigns, higher cigarette prices and peer pressure not to smoke. Additionally, the general public is viewing cigarettes and alcohol as distasteful and a serious health risk.

As public opinion begins to shift and additional studies are released to show vaping in a better light the industry should continue to increase.

We here at Cali Steam are excited for 2018 and the continued success of our industry. Have a safe and healthy holiday with friends and family this holiday season.

Photo courtesy of Vaping 360: The Home of Vaping