Vape Flavor Survery Results for FDA Rule Making

American vapers who no longer smoke cigarettes prefer fruit and dessert e-liquids over other choices, according to the findings of a major survey conducted by researchers this spring. The survey assessed the flavor preferences of almost 70,000 vapers.

The results of the flavor survey have been compiled and submitted to the FDA as a comment on the advanced notice of proposed rulemaking on vape (and other “tobacco product”) flavors.

Below is a summary table of the respondents flavor preferences.

Flavored Vape Preferences Survey

After eliminating duplicate entries, there were 69,233 responses. Participants came from all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, and 72.4% were male. The mean age of the group was 34.6 years old. Almost 95% of the survey participants had at least tried cigarettes in their lives, and 81.6% were established smokers at some time.

A large majority of participants, 81.3%, were former smokers, and 68.2% quit smoking more than 12 months ago. That means that the results show the preferences of experienced vapers, the kind of people who see themselves as vapers, and participate in activities that inform their understanding of vaping.

Among former smokers, 83.2% vape fruit flavors at least some of the time, 72.3% vape dessert sometimes, and 47.7% vape candy. Dual users also preferred those kinds of flavors, as did never-smoking vapers.

The results may reinforce the comments to the FDA from thousands of vapers, many of whom plead with the regulatory agency not to ban the vape flavors they used to steer clear of combustible cigarettes. Unfortunately, only about 23,000 of the comments have been reviewed and published on the website so far. There are over a half-million comments waiting for review, but many of those are believed to be bot-generated spam, part of a campaign to destroy the credibility of the comment process.