Gaming and Your Health

Gaming is fun. Everybody knows this. If this wasn't true, gaming would not be a multibillion-dollar industry, and there would not be things such as Super Mario Day, celebrated every year on the 10th of March. However, few would be brave enough to suggest that gaming mayb actual be health for you.

Some empirical research in the last few years has shown that gaming can have a positive effect on your health, despite popular misconceptions. This is particularly true of cognitive health. For example, gaming can strengthen the areas of your brain that are involved in processing data related to spatial awareness, memory and long term planning. Furthermore, gaming can actually help patients get over trauma or accidents. One study showed that playing games such as Mario Cart can aid patients in more quickly getting over a difficult event.

Is gaming fun? Check! Is gaming good for winding down on the weekend? Check! Is it actually good for you? Double check! So, replace that beer with a light beer, go easy on the chips, and swap that cigarette for a vape. Oh, and maybe get some exercise!

To find out more about the health benefits of gaming, see the infographic from our friends at Computer Planet.