Vape Advocacy Efforts More Important Than Ever

Vape Advocacy Efforts More Important Than Ever

Vape advocacy is everywhere, whether joining or creating groups to invite vapers to join, informing your “vape family” of significant news stories and current event updates, writing your state’s legislators, educating the non-vaping portion of society, organizing pro-vaping events, there is something you can do to help the industry move forward.

The many forms of advocacy for vaping to inspire much debate and aggressive tensions shared back and forth. Although we are referring to the Internet, we’re also referring to the vaping lifestyle which is surely a phenomenon we know and love so well from watching it evolve into a promising culture of common unity and innovative industry of entrepreneurs. It’s given options to an entire community that felt discouraged and hopeless at times stuck in addition.

Additionally, we have also witnessed it spiral into a state of confusion, denial, poor communication skills, demonstrating irresponsible business practices, feeling overwhelmed disappointment and fear. The industry in its infancy was a world of free wheeling practices with extreme marketing appealing to almost every smoker on the market.

However, the industry as also become agreeable to reasonable regulations within the United States by the FDA and the European Union. We’ve come together as a community to unit ourselves on the common ground of providing options for those that want to smoke. Yet we continue to find ourselves in the crossroads of change.

So what are we left todo as a community at this point? Well, we can still do a lot. We need to continue to tell our vape story to friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers. We can also try to recruit other smokers that haven’t transitioned yet to vaping and introduce them to a new world of smoking. Additionally, you should continue to stay active with your local government representatives. A simple call or letter goes a long way in the fight for reasonable legislation.

So, stay involved and continue to be a voice for the continued success of the industry. As current news swirls of foreboding changes don’t let that stop you from reaching out and telling how much good the industry has brought to you individually.


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