New Vaping Trend Going Up in Smoke

New Vaping Trend Going Up in Smoke

With all the news in the media right now regarding vaping one would think nothing positive was going to come the direction of the industry. You've got infighting with companies and Juul, the biggest player in the vaping space now, over copyrights and market share. We've got companies continuing to market to young adults and much more that captures the headlines. However, the most recent trend is making waves, vaping in wedding photos.

This trend is sweeping the wedding world by storm and as you can imagine their are very passionate responses, both positive and negative, to this trend. And this trend isn't just the Gen-Z adults who are trying to fit in. Even though this is being talked about as a new trend you could have easily found many viral photos years ago with blooming clouds in wedding photos. However, it's catching on right now that even those that don't vape are including vape clouds in their wedding photography.

If you Google "wedding vaping" you'll get dozens of photos of brides and grooms romantically blowing vapor into each other's faces in their bride and groom attire. It's also starting to trend on Twitter with major bloggers posting, "Did you know vaping wedding photos were a real thing?" And a recent Facebook post added, "I just saw on Facebook that vaping wedding photos are a thing." So it's clearly moving from a "trend" to mainstream as the number of photos and tweets continue to increase.

But photos and tweets aren't the only facet of weddings that are being influenced by this vaping trend. There is a whole wedding subculture around vaping, including vaping wedding planners and etiquette guides. There are even ways to decorate your venue with vaping in mind. Wedding planners are helping vape clients incorporate black backdrops in their decor to "show off vapor clouds" in photos. Additionally, other planners are working with clients with their favorite vape flavor and building a theme around that into their wedding planning.

So if you are getting married soon and are a vapor you certainly need to consider some of these new wedding trends because the bar has been raised.


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