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Here's Why Vape Juice Quality Matters

For vapers, the quality of the vapes used is certainly important, but there's another factor that's just as, if not more, important than the hardware: the vape juice. Vape juice, for those that don't know, is the liquid that goes into a vaping device. It goes by names like vape juice, but also e-juice, e-liquid, and even "juice" for short. What's in vape juice differs from one flavor to the next, from one brand to the next, and that's why it's important to consider what's actually in the juice that you're vaping.

Why Quality Really Matters To emphasize just how much the quality matters when it comes to the e-juice you vape, let's take a look at a study conducted by researchers down under. In this study, researchers purchased samples of "nicotine-free" e-liquids from vape shops in Australia. In Australia, it's currently illegal to buy nicotine-containing vape juices from local retailers. As it turns out, some of these "nicotine-free" e-juices actually contained nicotine. While perhaps not intentionally, the fact of the matter is that these vape juices should not have contained any nicotine at all. So even the slightest bit and it begs the question: just what kind of quality controls are in place at these e-liquid manufacturers? The researchers also found other contaminants in the e-liquids they tested, including 2-chlorophenol, which is classified as acutely toxic and commonly used to produce herbicides, pesticides, and disinfectants. Obviously, this is one chemical that you don't want in your e-juice. So why is it there? Poor quality control. Yet another contaminant that the researchers found when they tested the e-liquids they bought turned out to be the by-product of human or animal bodily functions. If this sounds gross, there's a good chance that's because it is. Contaminants like these simply do not belong in the e-juices that vapers use.

Here's The Deal The truth is that all vape juice manufacturers are not the same. They don't all manufacture their liquids in the same facilities, they don't all adhere to the same quality control standards, and they don't all use premium ingredients. This is why vapers should be proactive when it comes to researching the e-liquids that they intend on buying. This way, vapers can steer clear of low-quality vape liquids and avoid the potential contaminants that come with some of them. In contrast to the low-quality vape juices that have flooded today's market, some vape juice companies are going above and beyond by using only the best ingredients and manufacturing all of their juices inside of state-of-the-art cleanrooms, which helps prevent contamination. For serious vapers that care about what they vape, there's only one solution: premium e-juice. Anything less and who knows what you're actually vaping! So next time you go to buy some e-juice, make sure you've done your research first. Otherwise, you just might find yourself vaping something completely unexpected.


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