Headed to the Desert to Visit Coachella?

Headed to the Desert to Visit Coachella?

Are you one of the lucky ones headed to the desert this next weekend to enjoy the like of Eminem and The Weeknd? This upcoming weekend in the California Desert marks the beginning of many spring/summer music festivals.

Many of our customers have asked are vape pens allowed in these venues? Although each venue is a bit different luckily most venues are warming up a bit to vapor products.

We did find within the FAQ's of Coachella's website the following information, "Single use minis (a.k.a. cig-a-likes) are okay. Mid-sized e-cigs and vape pens are okay. However, no liquid refills will be allowed into the venue. APVs or mods are okay in camping, but will not be allowed into the venue."

Plan your vaping needs accordingly and always reference the venues website before leaving for the event. Ensure you are stocked up and ready to go with what will be allowed in the venue.


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