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Flavor Bans Increase DIY Vapers

In the past two months, a sudden outbreak of vaping-related illnesses has placed e-cigarette use under a critical spotlight. Millions of American adults vape, and a subset gravitate to online communities to share their habit. They congregate on online message boards like Reddit and the comments section of popular YouTube “vape influencers,” discussing their favorite products and flavors.

Inside this vaping community, there is a niche group of vapers who’ve adopted a do-it-yourself mentality when it comes to creating their own vape juice — a flavored nicotine mixture sometimes referred to as e-juice or e-liquid. It’s the modern equivalent of rolling your own cigarettes, except vapers carefully measure out concentrated nicotine, flavored concentrate, and other solvents, and sometimes share these combinations as recipes with one another.

Still, experts who have studied e-cigarette use are leery of the long-term health effects vaping could produce — even when it’s with homemade vape juice. The Food and Drug Administration only started regulating e-cigarettes in the same vein as tobacco in 2016. Many vapers think the future of vaping could be in DIY as federal scrutiny intensifies; whether that practice is as safe and foolproof as some claim, however, isn’t clear to experts.

Regulators in the United States should understand the market before the continue to regulate it because it clearly will have unintended consequences that'll put any more people at risk of illness. We highly discouraged vapers from creating their own e liquid mixtures because it could be dangerous. Major e liquid manufacturers test and formulate their juices to very high standards. Additionally, we've had thousands of satisfied customers with not one health related complaint. So please, be responsible and support the general industry.


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