Cali Girls | Watermelon Hard Candy | Vape eLiquid

Cali Girls is a watermelon hard candy flavor like the jolly ranchers you've enjoyed. This candy flavored watermelon fruit vape is a must have. It'll be your next all day vape. Take a look at what our current customers are saying about Cali Girls.

Alejandro - "Definitely one of my favorite sweet, candy flavors. One of the sweetest flavors I've tried, and delicious to boot - it's better than candy!"

James - "Cali Steam has done it again! Spot on to a refreshing cool watermelon. Not on overwhelming menthol, just perfect for a cool note. A great vape on a hot summer day!"

Yanderis - "By far the best watermelon vape I've had. Flavor profile is on point you really get the candy watermelon taste."

Jye - "The flavours in this juice really hit you and make you keen for more. I loved this juice. Anything by 'Cali Steam' is great and the reviews reflect that!"

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